Used Osprey Books For Sale

These are a bunch of Osprey and similar books for sale. The conditions range from good to mint. Each book is $10.00 and U.S. shipping for the first book is $4.00 and each additional book is $1.00. Due to the absurdly high USPS international postage rates, it will be very expensive to ship these internationally. If you’re international and still want them let me know and I’ll give you a shipping quote.

Contact me here and send me your email address and let me know what you would like to order. I’ll email you a Paypal invoice. Thanks!

Osprey The British Army on Campaign 1816-1902 (2) The Crimea 1854-56
Osprey Soldiers of the English Civil War (1): Infantry
Osprey Soviet Bloc Elite Forces
Osprey Armies of the Vietnam War 1962-75
Osprey Italian Militiaman 1260-1392
Osprey Aztec, Mixtec and Zapotec Armies
Osprey Aztec Warrior AD 1325-1521
World War 2 Combat Uniforms and Insignia
Osprey Qadesh 1300 BC Clash of the Warrior Kings
Osprey Attila and the Nomad Hordes
Osprey Lufwaffe Field Divisions 1941-45
Osprey Scud Ballistic Missile and Launch Systems 1955-2005
Osprey The British Army 1914-18
Osprey HMMQC Humvee 1980-2005
Osprey Arnhem 1944 Operation Market Garden
G.I. Screaming Eagles The 101st Airborne Division from D-Day to Desert Storm
G.I. America’s Commandos US Special Operations Forces of World War II and Korea
Osprey Stryker Combat Vehicles
Osprey F-15 Eagle
Osprey Panzer Crewman 1939-45
Osprey Robert E. Lee
Osprey Elite Forces of India & Pakistan
Osprey Arab Armies of the Middle East Wars (2)
Osprey Israeli Soldier vs. Syrian Soldier
Osprey U.S. Infantryman in World War II (1) Pacific Area of Operations
Osprey Russia’s War in Afghanistan
Osprey G.I. The War in Europe From the Kasserine Pass to Berlin 1942-1945
Osprey Anglo Saxon Thegn 449-1066AD
Osprey The Armies of Crecy and Poitiers
Osprey US Army Combat Equipments 1910-1988
Osprey Napoleon’s Marshals
Osprey Waterloo 1815
Napoleon’s Line Cavalry Recreated in Colour Photographs
Napoleon’s Imperial Guard Recreated in Colour Photographs
Napoleon’s Line Infantry & Artillery Recreated in Colour Photographs
Osprey Okinawa 1945
Osprey Challenger 2 Main Battle Tank 1987-2006
Osprey US Marine in Iraq: Operation Iraqi Freedom, 2003
Osprey The American Plains Indians
Osprey The Second World War (6) Northwest Europe 1944-1945
Osprey Armies of the Gulf War
Osprey The Jacobite Rebellions 1689-1745
Osprey The Austrian Army 1740-80: 1 Cavalry

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