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The Centurion’s review was created because there are a lot of games on the market and only a small number of them get publicity from game shops, the media and conventions.  Many of these lesser known games are real gems and are far better than the popular games that are constantly being pimped online, in magazines and at game shops.  We intend to introduce these gems to the gaming community by giving them honest reviews on our website.  Sure, we will do some reviews of popular games but we are going to concentrate on the lesser known ones.  We encourage gamers to try games that are different formats or genres than they are used to.  There’s more to gaming than just Magic the Gathering, Warhammer 40K and Settlers of Catan.

The Team So Far...

About Us
David Lent
Owner, Web Master and Reviewer

Dave has been gaming since he was 5 years old.  His Dad played 25mm historical miniature games (mostly ancients) and that’s how he got started.  Later, he got into D&D, military board games and science fiction miniature games.  The last 10 years he’s played a lot of Magic The Gathering, Euros, Wargames, D&D 5th Edition and some occasional card and dice games.  He’s also been collecting old micro games from the Golden Era.  Almost every Saturday, he tries a new game in the morning and plays Magic and D&D at night.  He wants the world to learn about some of these great games he’s been playing and that is why he created this website.

Dave’s job that pays the bills is a Software Engineer at a Fortune 500 company.  In addition to gaming, he’s a fanatical scuba diver and loves diving in the Great Lakes and majestic locations around the world.

He’s not really a captain, though sometimes a dive team leader is called that.  Captain Dave was his name in Rogue Trader the role playing game and the other players still call him that to this day.


About Us
Len Krol
Contributor and Reviewer

Len has been playing wargames since the late 1960’s.  He later joined a wargame group known as the Skeleton Crew in the Chicagoloand area.  The Skeleton Crew had a heavy emphasis on historical gaming and original D&D.  Since then he has continued his passion for historical gaming and experimented with amateur game design.  He’s written reviews for Paper Wars and Midwest Wargamers Association Newsletter.  In addition to that, he’s published his own history book.  Len continues to play historical games every weekend and runs a steampunk role-playing campaign with a ruleset that he created.

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