Creature Destruction Modern Deck

This is a terrible deck and the reason I posted it here is because I would like suggestions on how to improve it. The original theme of the deck was creature destruction. However, the deck doesn’t really have a win condition, it falls apart if you don’t have a Royal Assassin on the board and it doesn’t have any game winning combos or cards other than Sudden Disappearance. I’m thinking of removing the Squadron Hawks, Niblis of the Mists, Cloudshift, Restoration Angels, Arrests and Druidic Satchels and replacing them with 3 more Sorins, 2 Sun Titans, 2 Grave Titans, 4 Intrepid Heros and 2 Demons of Death’s Gates. Please let me know if you have any suggestions. Thanks!

Creature Destruction Modern Deck

Non-Creature Artifacts (3)
Druidic Satchel
Swiftfoot Boots

Creatures (21)
Squadron Hawk
Gideon’s Lawkeeper
Niblis of the Mist
Royal Assassin
Requiem Angel
Restoration Angel

Enchantments (6)
Oblivion Ring

Land (26)
11 Swamp
11 Plains
Evolving Wilds
Vault of the Archangel

Planeswalkers (1)
Sorin, Lord of Innistrad

Instant (1)

Sorcery (6)
Day of Judgment
Revoke Existence
Sudden Disappearance

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