Wargame Chat 2021

Wargame Chat
Our video series where we discuss everything wargame related. Feel free to message us with questions you would like us to answer or topics you would like us to discuss.

Episode #1
Len talks about his first wargames and the Hawk Game Club.

Episode #2
We discuss some of the wargames we like in this episode.

Episode #3
We discuss some of our favorite wargames about ancients.

Episode #4
We talk about our favorite box art.

Episode #5
We talk about microgames.

Episode #6
Wargames Suitable For Beginners

Episode #7
RPG Campaigns

Episode #8
Naval Wargames

Episode #9
Miniature Lines

Episode #10
HMGS Little Wars

Episode #11
Solo Wargames

Episode #12
Cards in Wargames

Episode #13
Projects We’re Working On

Episode #14

Episode #15
Game Shops

Episode #16
Types of Gamers

Episode #17
Over the Top Wargamers

Episode #18
Avalon Hill Games

Episode #19
Non-Wargames We Play

Episode #20
Frequently Asked Questions

Episode #21
Seven Years War Convention

Episode #22
Obscure Battles

Episode #23
Mechanics & Mechanisms We Hate in Wargaming

Episode #24
Our Favorite Wargame Designers

Episode #25
War Movie Cliches We Hate

Episode #26
War Memorials

Episode #27
How We Determine Our Game Ratings

Episode #28
Rock-Con Gaming Convention

Episode #29
Reviews We Watch or Read

Episode #30
Conventions We Attended Last Weekend

Episode #31
What We Like & Don’t Like in Wargame Conventions

Episode #32
Types of People Who Become Wargamers

Watch the 2022 season: https://centurionsreview.com/wargame-chat-2022

Watch the 2023 season: https://centurionsreview.com/wargame-chat-2023/


  1. Do you have any topics you recommend for future episodes of Wargame Chat?

  2. TOPIC: How do you determine your BGG ratings? 🙂

    • That’s a good idea. We’ll do that one in about 2 weeks.


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