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Dave Invaders

This takes about 5 seconds to load. The desktop version is recommended as it’s much better than the mobile version. Your browser does not support the HTML...[Read More]

ANVL.CO Custom Miniatures Review

A review of the ANVL.CO’s custom miniatures by David Lent Order your own custom miniatures: Buy miniatures with this paid link: https://amz...[Read More]

10 Historical Facts About Avalon Hill

In 1980 Avalon Hill sold an Index and Company History covering 1952-1980. This publication contained information on every game they produced during that period ...[Read More]

Mongol Logistics

Mongol Logistics by Len Krol There is a conspiracy website that oddly asks a lot of good questions. While they have the usual nonsense, there are other areas wh...[Read More]

Captain Dave’s 10 Favorite Sci-Fi Wargames 2020

I’ve been playing wargames since I was a kid. Historical wargames have always been a favorite of mine, but I’ve really enjoyed sci-fi wargames since the designe...[Read More]

Top 10 Reasons I Showcase Games Off The Beaten Path

Watch the video below or read the transcript if you are at work: Approximate video transcript: Top 10 Reasons I Showcase Games Off The Beaten Path A friend of m...[Read More]

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Terraforming Mars



Time of Crisis





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Watch Me On Whiskey Charlie!

Watch me on Whiskey Charlie! Special thanks to Moe from Moe’s Game Table for inviting me. Buy ...[Read More]

Where Do I Get These Obscure Games?

Watch the video below about where we get these obscure games. Buy obscure games with this paid link:...[Read More]

We B4 Goblins! First Thoughts

Watch out overview and first thoughts of We B4 Goblins! for Pathfinder from Paizo. Buy Pathfinder RP...[Read More]

Games I’ve Been Playing During Isolation

Watch the video about the games I’ve been playing during this pandemic in the video below: Buy...[Read More]

Wendy’s Feast of Legends Free Role Playing Game

View the free RPG in the video below: Download the free RPG here: Feast of Legends

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Born of Titans

Most Original Magazine Game

Khe Sanh ’68

Best Mini Board Game

Zulus On The Ramparts!

Best Solitaire Game

Holowczyn Battle of the Moscow Road

Best Historical Scenario

Terraforming Mars

Best Euro


Best Party Game

Time of Crisis

Best Deck Builder

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