3 Best Wargames Under $15.00

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Watch the video below or read the transcript.

Approximate video transcript:

“3 Best Wargames For Less Than $15.00
Please Note: I’ve only included games that are still available retail and I’ve only included physical games. No PDF only games. What’s interesting is all three games I’m going to mention are either solitaire only or have a solitaire mode in addition to a multiplayer option. In addition to that, two are from the same author.

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Without further ado… here’s number 3:

3) Tyrannosaurus Wrecks from Fantasy Games Unlimited. This can be had for $5.97 from Fantasy Games Unlimited or Amazon. They also have a PDF for $4.00 if you really need to save that extra $1.97 It was originally printed in 1985 and it is a game where the players are hunters who go back to Earth in time machines to hunt dinosaurs. They are armed with energy weapons that have a limited number of charges and one or more special items. The dangers they face are numerous including being attacked by a dinosaur, volcanic eruptions, flowing lava, earthquakes, poisonous plants, quicksand, poisonous snakes, giant reptiles, dragon flies, various water animals and being stranded millions of years in the past. In addition to this, the taxidermists on Earth are very picky and the more shots it took to kill a dinosaur the less they will pay. If this wasn’t frightening enough, your energy rifle is not water-proof and any time you get it wet its maximum range decreases. It’s a really exciting game with a lot of depth, but the counters are not die cut and you have to cut them out.

2) Phobos Rising! This retails for $14.95 and is available on Amazon or from Decision Games. It’s the most revolutionary microgame ever made, because it’s both a Euro and a wargame. I adore this game, but be forewarned. You have to like BOTH Euros and wargames or this game isn’t for you. It’s a solitaire game where you command a group of insurgents who begin the game with limited equipment and attempt to secure key facilities on Mars. If you complete all 4 missions in the campaign game, the Free Mars revolution begins and will be continued in the future game Free Mars. During the game, you recruit new cadre, get new gear and vehicles, fight security forces, create temporary autonomous zones and attempt to complete your mission before you run out of cards.

Honorable mention: Cactus Air Force: Air War Over The Solomons. This retails for $14.95 and is available on Amazon or from Decision Games. It’s about the air campaign in the Solomons during 1942. I haven’t written a review of this one yet, but trust me it’s a good one.

1) Khe Sanh ’68 This retails for $14.95 and is available on Amazon or from Decision Games. It’s a solitaire board game about the battle of Khe Sanh by Decision Games. This is a standalone game using the Cold War Blitz rules. In this game you control U.S. and ARVN forces in an attempt to protect Khe Sanh, Lang Vei and the Rock Quarry. In addition, it’s your job to clean out and occupy all the NVA entrenchments, hill tops and route 9 spaces. You also get points for killing NVA, but lose points for each allied ground or air unit destroyed. The higher the kill ratio the better, just like in the real war. In real life NVA armor (yeah, I said armor) and infantry overran Lang Vei before most of the events at Khe Sanh. To rectify this I made a house rule where the 3 units in the NVA’s initial setup in Laos get the armor unit and 2 of the 2-2 infantry units. On the first turn they always attack Lang Vei. This almost always results in Lang Vei being overrun and the special forces unit there being either defeated or retreated. In addition, I made a house rule that has artillery fired at Khe Sahn and the Marine hilltop positions each turn to make the game more challenging.

I’ve put links to my written reviews of all of these games except Cactus Air Force and I’ve also put Amazon Affiliate Links in the video’s description on Youtube, so you can pick up a copy of any of these that interest you.

Let’s hear from you guys now. Please post in the comments section what you think of this list and what your favorite wargames under $15.00 are.

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  1. Thanks for taking the time to read the article. Please let us know what your favorite wargames under $15.00 are.

  2. I like lots of those mini-games from DG – my current 4 faves are

    suez 56
    lettow vorbeck
    cactus air force
    congo merc

    • I’ve tried all those except Lettow Vorbeck. I’ll have to pick up a copy of that. It sounds interesting.

  3. My 3 favourite DG minigames:

    -Lettow Vorbeck (play this on a 40-degree high-humidity day, with plenty of mosquitoes for maximum realism!)

    -Khartoum (nice balance between many British units that can’t replace if killed, and fewer but replaceable Madhist hordes)

    -Campaigns of Montrose (ok, I designed this one, but it’s still good: period mid-1600s map base, and twice as many movement spaces as other minigames (lots of room to manoeuvre). and you Highlanders may desert and go home if you’re losing (who wants to be on a losing side)… or if you’re winning (take the loot and spend it while you can)… or if you do nothing (no opportunity for loot? I’m outta here).

    • Thanks Brendan! I look forward to trying all of these in the future and reviewing your game.


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