Manufacturers – Get Your Games Reviewed Here

Manufacturers – Get Your Games Reviewed Here

Do you want free publicity for your game?  Getting your game reviewed on The Centurion’s Review is simple and painless.  Simply send us a copy and we can usually have a review published within 2 weeks.  Miniature game reviews will generally take longer due to the added complexity of the game itself.  For miniature games, we will also need to borrow two armies unless it is something we already have or can proxy with our existing miniatures.  We have thousands of 25/28mm ancients, Napoleonics, Colonials, Cowboys & Indians, Warhammer 40K, 3mm Modern Armor, Ogre Miniatures, Reaper Fantasy, Star Wars, Chicago Way, Rackham, 15mm WWII, 25mm WWI, Cavemen, Dinosaurs etc.

We are interested in reviewing board games, card games, dice games, miniature games and role playing games.  We do not have any interest in riddle based games, though we do like puzzle games.  Please note that all of our reviews are 100% honest and the fact that you sent us a free game will not guarantee a positive review.  You can see by the existing reviews on our website that we are 100% fair in our reviews though.

If you would like us to review you game, please contact us.


Primus Pilus of the Centurion's Review


  1. Hello I wanted to introduce myself. My name is Kirk Thomas and my wife and I have created a new card/dice game. The name of the game is Power Switch. To quickly describe the game it combines the strategy of poker, chess and adds in a little luck like Uno and Solitaire. Would you be interested in doing a review? The game will be available in about 60 days in which we plan to do a pretty extensive launch. Hope to hear back from you. Sincerely, Kirk Thomas.
    PS: The website is being created in the next 30 days.

    • Sure, I’m willing to review it. I’ll email you my address.


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