Wargame Chat 2022

Wargame Chat 2022
Our video series where we discuss everything wargame related. Feel free to message us with questions you would like us to answer or topics you would like us to discuss.

Episode #33 Did Rome Exist?
A Tik-Tok user believes Rome didn’t exist and has no evidence to back up her theory.

Episode #34 Expansions
We talk about the good and the bad when it comes to wargame expansions.

Episode #35 Three Vietnam War Books
We talk about the books Soldier, Thud Ridge and Going Downtown.

Episode #36 Wargames We Would Like to See in the Future
We talk about some wars that could be better covered in wargaming.

Episode #37 Science Fiction Games
In this episode, we talk about our favorite science fiction games.

Episode #38 Our Home Brew Games
We talk about some of the home brew games we have made or are making.

Episode #39 Avalon Hill Games
We talk about Avalon Hill Games.

Episode #40 Games We Want to Get
We talk about the games we are looking to buy. Some are new, but many are vintage games.

Episode #41 GaryCon
We went to GaryCon and talk about the games and seminars we attended there.

Episode #42 Spanish Civil War
Len talks about the Spanish Civil War and his collection of books on the subject.

Episode #43 Ways to Get New People Into Wargaming

Episode #44 Little Wars 2022

Episode #45 A Talk About Wargame Complexity

Episode #46 Miniatures Games We Like

Episode #47 War Movies

Episode #48 How to Get Good Deals on Used Games

Episode #49 Our Favorites in Wargaming

Episode #50 Sore Winners & Sore Losers

Episode #51 Wars in Woodstock

Episode #52 Wargames That Don’t Use Counters

Episode #53

Episode #54 Our Best Finds at Conventions

Episode #55 The Best Qualities of the Best Game Shops

Episode #56 The Best Games In Our Collections We Haven’t Tried Yet

Episode #57 What Makes a Good Wargame

Episode #58 War Movies We Like

Episode #59 How Long Should a Wargame Last

Episode #60 Battles and Games About Them

Episode #61 Two Conventions

Episodw #62 Wargamers Who Have Passed On

Episode #63 Wargame Prices

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  1. Please let us know any topics you would like us to discuss on future episodes of Wargame Chat. Thanks!


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