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The Centurion’s Review
Soviet/American Intervention in Sinai Scenario for Across Suez The Battle of the Chinese Farm October 15, 1973
Contributed by David Lent 
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1) Premise 
     This is a home brew scenario that uses the U.S. and Soviet chits included with the game.  The Soviet Union intervenes in the Sinai on the Egyptian’s side to force the Israelis out.  They bring airborne mechanized forces along with regular armor and mechanized units.  The United States immediately responds by deploying the 82nd Airborne Division, RDF and 3 Marine battalions.  The Soviets have air supremacy due to the fact that the Egyptians have the battlefield covered with SAM sites.  The U.S. has limited naval air support.  The Russians have artillery bombardments and the Americans have artillery support.   

2) Setup 
     A) The Israeli and Egyptian setup is the same as in the regular game with the following exceptions: 
          1) Reshef 1 starts at 0807 
          2) Reshef 2 starts at 0606 
          3) Reshef 3 starts at 0608 
          4) Sharon starts at 0901 
          5) The Israeli bridge chit is not used by the Israelis.  It is used by the Soviets. 
     B) The Soviets start the game with a bridge unit at hex 0112 
     C) All Soviet 103rd Guards units enter the board on turn 1 at hex 0112 
     D) No American units start on turn 1 
3) Reinforcements 
     The regular reinforcement schedule from the basic games applies with the following additions: 
     Turn 2) 
          A) All 82nd Airborne units enter the map at hex 1708 
          B) Soviet 2/10 armored enters at hex 0112 
     Turn 3) 
          A) All U.S. Marine units enter at 0101 
          B) The Soviet 1/10 mechanized enters at hex 0112 
     Turn 4) The US RDF enters at hex 1708 
          If the bridge at hex 0112 is destroyed, no more Soviet units may enter the Sinai.  The Soviet reinforcements that did not enter are considered destroyed. 

4) Sequence of Play 
     A) Soviet/Egyptian movement phase 
     B) Soviet/Egyptian artillery bombardment phase 
     C) Soviet/Egyptian combat phase 
     D) American/Israeli movement phase 
     E) American/Israeli combat phase 

5) Combat 
     A) Soviet and Egyptian units may not participate in the same attack 
     B) Israeli and U.S. units may participate in the same attack 
     C) A target can only be attacked once per combat phase.  The Egyptians and Soviets should keep this 
         in mind and determine who should do the attack. 

6) Air Support  
     A) There is no air support on night turns 
     B) Soviet air support (3 available initially) 
          1) The Soviet player may bomb 1 unit with each airstrike per Soviet/Egyptian combat phase 
          2) After the target hex is chosen, the allied player attempts to shoot it down on a roll of “1" 
          3) If it’s shot down the airstrike does not bomb the target and that airstrike is out of the game   
          4) On a roll of “1” the unit in the target hex is destroyed 
     C) U.S. Naval Air Support (1 available initially) 
          1) U.S. Naval Air Support does not become available until the 2nd turn. 
          2) The airstrike may be used once per turn during the American/Israeli combat phase 
          3) After the target hex is chosen, the target play attempts to shoot it down with SAM’s on a roll of “1” 
              or “2" 
          4) On a roll of “1” or “2” the unit in the target hex is destroyed 
          5) The Soviet bridge is considered a unit and can be a target of an airstrike. 

7) Soviet Artillery Bombardments 
     A) The Soviets can bombard up to two American or Israeli targets per daytime turn 
     B) The target units have to be adjacent to a Soviet unit 
     C) The bombardment precedes regular Soviet combat and is not part of regular combat 
     D) On a roll of “1” the target unit is destroyed 

8) American Artillery Support 
     A) American artillery support is not available until the 2nd turn. 
     B) Once per combat phase the American’s can provide artillery support to up to two attacks 
     C) The artillery support shifts the combat results table one column to the right 

9) Determining the Victor 
     A) The Israelis and Americans win if the Egyptians and Soviets have a combined total of less than 6    
          units on the map. 
     B) The Soviets and Egyptians win if the Americans and Israelis have a combined total of less than 6 
          units on the map. 
     C) There is no set number of turns.  The game ends when the victory conditions are met or one side 
     D) Available air support does not count as a unit 

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