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Zama Hannibal vs. Scipio Review

Zama Hannibal vs. Scipio 19 October 202B.C. Review by David Lent Zama Hannibal vs. Scipio is a simulation of the last battle of the 2nd Punic War. If you’re not familiar with this battle watch this excellent video on Youtube: This game was originally in Strategy & Tactics Magazine #153. Decision Games has re-implemented it as a folio game that retai...[Read More]



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Zama Hannibal vs. Scipio

Zama is a simulation of the climactic battle of the Second Punic War: the decisive struggle between the Roman Republic and Carthage for control of the Western Mediterranean. Read the Zama review.

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Deadly Doodles Review

Deadly Doodles Video Review by David Lent Buy your own copy here.



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Deadly Doodles

In Deadly Doodles, 1-4 players simultaneously draw paths through a dangerous dungeon. You try to collect as much loot and weapons as possible and attempt to slay monsters. Watch the Deadly Doodles review.

Captain Dave’s Top 10 Requests For Wargame Designers & Developers

I’ve been playing at least one new wargame a week for many years. Over time, I’ve seen some things that I really like and I’ve also seen some things I’d like game designers and developers to stop doing. This is a compilation of the top suggestions I have for game designers and developers. If you have any suggestions of your own, feel free to post it in the comments section below. 10) Have people w...[Read More]

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Vampyre Review

Vampyre Review by David Lent Vampyre is a game of the hunt for Dracula from TSR that was released in 1981. It is based on Bram Stoker’s novel and the players each play one of the characters from it. The game also has items from the book such as holy water, hosts, silver crucifix, knives, guns and silver bullets. This is very intriguing and it sounded like it would be a really cool fantasy game usi...[Read More]

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