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Beeeees!Beeeees! Review

Review by David Lent

Beeees is a dice rolling racing game from Action Phase Games for 2 to 5 players. You roll to claim hive tiles and attempt to build the most valuable hive. The playing time is around 15 minutes and it is recommended for ages 14+. Young people’s fast reflexes will definitely be helpful in this game.

The components that are included in this game are of good quality. There are 25 dice of 5 different colors, 80 honeycomb/flower tiles, 30 rubber helper bees, 5 beeline race cards and a full-color rulebook. The rules are 8-pages long and very easy to learn.

Setting up and playing this game is simple. Each player gets a stack of flower tiles and 5 dice. Each flower has dice printed on it and the players roll and place their dice on any matches on the flowers. White dice printed on the flowers can be matched with any matching dice, but colored dice printed on a flower must all be matched with dice from the same roll. If you place the last dice on a flower, you claim it. If an opponent had any dice on that flower, you return the dice and give him a helper bee for assisting you. Each time you get a flower, you flip it over to its honeycomb side and build it into your hive. The first two honeycombs put in a hive must be next to each other, but additional tiles must be placed where two of their edges are touching other tiles.

If a player reveals a wildflower on his stack, he can call out “Beeline!” to announce a beeline race. Each player who participates rolls 5 dice as normal and tries to place them in sequential order on a beeline race card. The first to fill his card gets the wildflower.

Your dice do not have a “6” on them. Instead they have either a worker bee or a killer bee as a “6.” Worker bees can be used as any number and pairs of killer bees can be used to arbitrarily steal a flower off the top of a stack within reach.

The game ends when all the helper bees are gone or three stacks are empty. Points are scored in 2 ways. First, every pair of helper bees is worth one point and the player with the most helper bees is declared “The Bee’s Knees” and gets 3 additional points. The second way is through your beehive. Any edge between honeycombs that have the same color is worth one point. Wildflowers will give you one point for each edge it shares with any color tile.

This game plays nice and fast and is also a lot of fun. Like most gamers, I love dice rolling and this game has a ton of it. The racing aspect of the game makes it competitive, but I really like how you reward your opponents with a helper bee whenever they assisted you. Building your beehive is where you use strategy and you have to think strategically quickly, because your opponents are still rolling dice and claiming flowers while you’re trying to figure out the best way to connect your tile to the beehive. This is a good pickup game and I recommend it.

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Watch the rules overview and unboxing video below:


  • Super easy to learn
  • Plays fast
  • You get to award opponents who assisted you


  • Older people won't be able to keep up with the younger crowd in this fast paced game


Rulebook Clarity - 8
Fun - 7
Originality - 6.5
Component Quality - 8
Replayability - 7
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