Metagaming 1981 Spring Catalog

A video showing the 1981 Metagaming Spring Catalog. This catalog has lots of ads for some of the most famous microgames from the Golden Era of Microga...[Read More]

Battle of the Postcard Games

The Battle of the Postcard Games by David Lent Most gamers are not aware of the existence of postcard board games. They have existed for a while and n...[Read More]

Task Force Games Fall 1982 Catalog

Video of a Task Force Games catalog from 1982. It has ads for many great microgames from the Golden Era such as Intruder, Starfire, Warriors of Batak ...[Read More]

Why I Hate Simultaneous Movement

Why I hate Simultaneous Movement by Len Krol I used to love simultaneous movement. I first met this system when I tried Sniper (SPI). What fun I had f...[Read More]

Air War South Atlantic Review

Air War South Atlantic Video Review by David Lent

Seven Firefights In Vietnam Review

Video Review By David Lent

Modern War Magazine Review

Modern War Video Review by David Lent

Playing at the World

What I learned from Playing at the World by Len Krol A Review of the Jon Peterson Book Playing at The World This book states that it is about “The His...[Read More]

Creature Destruction Modern Deck

This is a terrible deck and the reason I posted it here is because I would like suggestions on how to improve it. The original theme of the deck was c...[Read More]

Across Suez Scenario

The Centurion’s Review Soviet/American Intervention in Sinai Scenario for Across Suez The Battle of the Chinese Farm Octob...[Read More]

That #$%$#^& Milling Deck Non-Competitive Modern Deck

I have owned many Magic the Gathering decks over the years and this seems to be the one that my opponents hate the most. It only wins a fair number of...[Read More]

Spot Remover Non-Competitive Modern Deck

This mono-white deck has all the removal you will ever need. It works well one-on-one, but really shines in two headed giant. The oblivion rings, arre...[Read More]

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