Captain Dave’s 10 Favorite Games by Type (2019)

Captain Dave’s 10 Favorite Games by Type (June 2019) Since I review games, I’m constantly asked what my favorite games are. I have no favorite game ov...[Read More]

Top 5 Alternative To Dice In Wargaming

Watch the video below or read the transcript: Approximate transcript: “Top 5 Alternatives To Dice In Wargaming Dice have always been the most co...[Read More]

3 Best Wargames Under $15.00

Watch the video below or read the transcript. Approximate video transcript: “3 Best Wargames For Less Than $15.00 Please Note: I’ve only include...[Read More]

Alliance The Card Game Kickstarter Preview

Alliance The Card Game Kickstarter Preview by David Lent Alliance The Card Game is a fantasy combat game where leaders and their armies fight each oth...[Read More]

European War

European War by Mike Haran European War is a one or two man game played in a 24×18 inch play area using 3 fixed wing aircraft pieces, 3 rotary wi...[Read More]

Top 10 FLGS Mistakes

If you own a game shop or are about to open one up, be sure to avoid these mistakes. Most of the game shops we’ve seen go out of business made m...[Read More]

Top 10 Game Demo Mistakes

The top 10 mistakes manufacturers make when running demos at conventions. This is meant as constructive criticism and is not meant to insult or make a...[Read More]

What is Wargame Complexity?

What Is Wargame Complexity? by Len Krol They promise that it will be a simple game. I run screaming “No, no, not another simple game!” Wargames are no...[Read More]

Fixed Bayonets Review

Fixed Bayonets Review Review by Len Krol Fixed Bayonets may be one of the best war film ever made. This film was made by people who had seen war and w...[Read More]

Strategy & Tactics Magazine Issue #1

Our video about issue 1 of Strategy & Tactics magazine.  It was released in 1967 and was much different than the current magazine. Buy a copy of t...[Read More]

Metagaming 1981 Spring Catalog

A video showing the 1981 Metagaming Spring Catalog. This catalog has lots of ads for some of the most famous microgames from the Golden Era of Microga...[Read More]

Battle of the Postcard Games

The Battle of the Postcard Games by David Lent Most gamers are not aware of the existence of postcard board games. They have existed for a while and n...[Read More]

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