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The Chosin Few

How to Win The Chosin Few by Forgetting One Rule by David Lent

The Chosin Few from Victory Point Games is a very difficult game to win and gamers may have to play 30 to 40 times to succeed. Some gamers may never win at all. You can win if you ignore the exception rule that says you can’t be in spaces D-1 to D-4 until the Breakout objective is revealed. My “cheating” strategy takes all the fun out of the game, but it’s the only guaranteed way to win. However, the game is fairly pointless when you follow the exception rule I omitted since it only allows your units to use 5 separate spaces on the board for the first 2/3 of the game.

  1. Immediately move both your Army and Marine units to point D-4. Any left-over action points that you can’t use for movement should be used to accumulate air support.
  2. After you get to point D-4, place an interdiction marker in D-2 every turn so no enemy forces can move adjacent to your units. Purchase air support every turn also.
  3. Rejoice when you fail the first and second objectives, because you get to remove 5 cards from the deck each time. This “Punishment” actually makes it easier to win the final objective.
  4. When you place the line of departure markers for the third objective phase, you will notice that the enemy can never place any units on them because all their units are on the top 2/3 of the board and there are no cubes in the cup.
  5. Laugh as you continue buying more air support and continue to place an interdiction marker on D-2 preventing any enemy forces from ever approaching your forces.
  6. Win when the End of Order card is drawn for the third time. You will have won without losing any steps and without having killed any enemy cubes.

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Watch the play through using this strategy below:

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